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We are “The Sekai Kokeshi” who deal with Japanese cultural stuff mainly on eBay.

About Us

Goto Shintaro

  • Grown up in Iwate prefecture near Hiraizumi designated a World Heritage Site.
  • The 18th family head of Goto family.
  • Goto family was a landlord who had a vast domain in previous times.
  • But his family’s been already ruined when he was born.
  • Love Sushi and Sashimi from the bottom of his heart.
  • It was a big disaster for him to marry Junko because she doesn’t serve Sushi or Sashimi.
  • Kind hearted and sensitive. Pay careful attention to minutiae.
  • Love manga and games.
About Us

Goto Junko

  • Born to be a Kokeshi face.
  • Grown up in Yamagata prefecture in Japan where a lot of Kokeshi dolls are made.
  • A descendant of Ohmi merchant who achieved a prosperious time in Kamakura period.
  • But her family’s been already ruined when she was born.
  • Can’t eat Sushi or Sashimi though she’s a pure Japanese.
  • Rough and tough. Doesn’t care about small things.
  • Love manga and games.