Christmas days in Japan. How do Japanese celebrate Christmas?

Japanese people love Christmas so much though most of us aren’t christian. Most of the Japanese are Buddhist. But we enjoy Christmas and everyone celebrate it as a special event. We display Christmas trees, enjoy a feast and cake, give rich gifts to our children or lovers. You can see bright illumination when you walk the town.

Christmas is important especially for lovers. It’s the day when lovers should spend sweet time together. I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries, it’s regarded very miserable to spend the Christmas season alone ( I mean, no girlfriend or no boyfriend ).

Therefore unattached young people desperately seek romance when winter comes. Some people give up soon and call themselves “Single Bell” with bitter cynicism. The Jingle bell doesn’t ring for a single person.

Japanese people might appear to be conservative. But I think we’re flexible and don’t have much resistance to take in foreign culture. We happily absorb and customize it for our life. Christmas is one of them and I can find many other things and events as well.

I guess Christmas in Japan is a bit different from the original. But still, I love and enjoy Christmas event. To watch beautiful lights and enjoy something delicious just give me happy time!