Super sour! Japanese apricot pickles, Umeboshi

Have you ever tried Japanese traditional food, Umeboshi? It’s pickled Japanese apricot, which is very, very sour.

Umeboshi is essential for Japanese dishes. You can easily find a lot of Umeboshi when you go to supermarkets or departments in Japan. A bowl of rice and Umeboshi make perfect match. It’s good for a rice ball filling too!

Japanese apricot, Umeboshi
Japanese apricot Umeboshi

How to make Umeboshi

You need Ume to make Umeboshi. UME is Japanese apricot, and BOSHI means to dry.

Fresh Ume is green, but the best condition for Umeboshi is yellow. If the Ume is still green, pluck them and left for 2 or 3 days, which makes green one turns yellow.

When you get yellow Ume, pickle it with salt and Shiso leaves. Shiso is a kind of Japanese herb that have good aroma. It also has an antibacterial effect and frequently used for Japanese dishes.

After a few days, you’ll forward the last step, to dry pickled Ume under the sunlight. This step gives Umeboshi good keeping quality. They don’t go bad after being dried in the sun.

Umeboshi is very healthy food!

Ancient Japanese people ate Umeboshi as a medicine. They said, “you don’t need a doctor while you eat Umeboshi everyday.”.

Umeboshi contains a lot of citric acid,  polyphenol and catechin. They keep our blood flow healthy and prevent our body from getting tired.

It’s so sour and you might not find it tasty, but please try Umeboshi just once when you come to Japan!