Japanese traditional food, rice with egg “Tamagokake Gohan”

This is a FAKE rice.
This is a FAKE rice.
This is a real Tamagokake Gohan. Yummy!
This is a real Tamagokake Gohan. Yummy!

This is today’s breakfast dish of mine, Tamagokake Gohan!

Which do you think the real one?

The right one is my dish, and the left one is a fake food! The fake food is so realistic that you can’t tell which is which when seen in the picture 🙂

This fake food is one of my own collections. I happened to find a rice bowl with exactly the same design as the fake one  at a shop. Of course, I bought the bowl instantly.

The fake rice and the real rice is on the same table. It’s a dream stage (just for me, maybe) !

What's Tamagokake Gohan?

Japanese people often eat raw eggs. This “Tamagokake Gohan” is one of the popular menus that use raw eggs.

TAMAGO means an egg. KAKE means to put some sauce on something. GOHAN means rice.

How to make Tamagokake Gohan is very simple. Prepare a cup of hot rice, an fresh egg and soy sauce. Then mix them in a rice bowl.

Tamagokake Gohan was originally a dish for young children, but it’s getting popular among older people now. They ate it when they were little and the taste brings back a memory of good old days. Some young people call it “T.G.K” for short.

Why Japanese people eat raw eggs?

Old Japanese people didn’t have a tradition to eat meat. Since they believed Buddhism, to kill living animal and eating them weren’t accepted. An egg was also considered to be the stuff belonging to the living, and people didn’t try to eat it.

It’s an Edo period of the 1600s when the people began to eat eggs. To eat meat was still viewed as a bad thing, but eating an egg was accepted little by little. Actually, for Japanese people who don’t consume any meat, eggs were a good supply for protein.

At the old time, eggs were very expensive and only a few people could eat them. But eggs are now one of the easiest food to get. You can buy them anywhere and everywhere, even at a convenience store. It’s cheap and full of nutrition.

That’s why an easy and nutritious dish like Tamagokake Gohan got a huge hit in general public.