Pray for having a baby and safe delivery, Tokyo “Suitengu” shrine in Tokyo

“Suitengu” shrine is the Japanese shrine that is famous for giving a healthy baby and safe delivery to women. The shrine is in the city center of Tokyo and it can be easily accessed. I’ll introduce this Suitengu shrine today since we live very near it!

SUI means water, TEN means the heaven and GU means palace. Suitengu gives us protection for something related to water and baby. The most well known effect is to give a baby a safe delivery. Suitengu is the most famous shrine among all the shrines in Tokyo that answer the prayer for safe deliveries. You’ll always see a lot of couples and pregnant mothers coming here to pray for it.

The Suitengu building is colored in red and green. They’re splendid and outstanding for Japanese shrines. But unfortunately, you can’t see them now ( 2013 ) since it’s under construction and surrounded by walls. Suitengu has moved to the temporary shrine and gives usual services there. ‘I’m sorry that the tentative one is much simpler and there’s no signs of the original brightness.

Japanese Suitengu shrine in Tokyo

You might see dog statues and something doggy around Suitengu area. That’s because the dog is considered the symbol of safe delivery in Japan though there’re few Japanese people who have the right knowledge about it. The dog is an animal that has a lot of puppies and smoothly give birth to them. Therefore old Japanese people thought them guardian deity of the safe delivery.

a dog statue in Suitengu shrine

It’s said that the most effective day for praying at Suitengu is “Inu-no-hi” that arrives every 12 days. INU is a dog, NO means of and HI means day in Japanese. That is, Inu-no-hi means the day of the dog. I see a crowd of people making a line in front of the shrine in this day. I don’t think Japanese people are religious but most of us value these kind of life events and believe in omens.

Don’t be surpresed if you can’t go to Suitengu on the dog’s day. They’re open everyday! How about praying for your or your friend’s future baby when you visit Tokyo? The tentative shrine is near Ningyo-cho town where you can feel a lot of old and good Japanese atmosphere.

I and Shintaro came to live near here just a half year ago but we love this town very much. It’s clean and not crowded. Very comfortable for us who’ve grown in the local area. Being not crowded doesn’t mean it’s not active. There’re a lot of shops that deals with Japanese traditional stuff like Kimono, pottery and food. We can feel the air of good old Japan here and there.

Ningyo-cho also has a good access to other sightseeing spot like Asakusa, Tokyo tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. I think it’ll be a good choice to visit here if you’re planning to travel to Japan. Especially for those who love Japanese old culture. If you prefer modern and urban, Harajuku, Omotesando, Shinjuku and Shibuya will be a better choice.

Let us know freely if you want to know something about Tokyo and Japan. We’ll happily tell you about them as much as we can 🙂