What’s the summer weather like in Japan?

Hello! This is Junko. Japan is now in the midst of summer. It’s TERRIBLY HOT! Just walking outside make me sweat and get exhausted.

If you’re planing to travel to Japan in the summer season, be prepared. Japanese summer days are all hot and humid. The temperature is over 30 degrees almost every day. Some areas even get 40 degrees (how terrible!).

Only the Hokkaido region, the northernmost prefecture in Japan,  is cool even in the summertime.  I want to escape to Hokkaido during this awful summer..

Both I and Shintaro grew up in a rural area of Japan, where there’re a lot of greens and mountains. It’s still hot there, but we could feel the cold air at least in the early morning and the late night.

But in Tokyo, the heat doesn’t calm down even in the midnight. It can’t be helped since Tokyo is filled with buildings and roads.

Japanese flower Asagao

Morning glory, Asagao flower

When the summer comes, you’ll see a bunch of morning glories blooming here and there. We call the flower “Asagao” in Japanese.

ASA means morning, GAO means a face. This name was given to it since it blooms early in the morning and withers afternoon.

There’s a reason why we have such a lot of Asagao all over the town. It’s a homework. To grow Asagao from seeds to flowers and record the situation in a diary book. This is a typical summer homework of Japanese children.

Sometimes I see young boys and girls watching their Asagao closely and drawing pictures earnestly, which reminds me my old days. I used to record my Asagao’s growing like them. Good luck with your homework, kids! 🙂