A sanctuary for fake food lover’s! “Kappabashi” town in Tokyo

“Kappabashi” town is a sanctuary for fake food lovers. You can buy authentic Japanese Food Sample as much as you want. Here indeed seems like a dream land for me… Today I introduce what place this Kappabashi like!

Kappabashi is a wholesale street of kitchenware and food for professional use. It is originally for restaurants and confectionaries but most shop there are available to the public. You can find various plates, kitchenware and seasoning food at cheaper prices than usual.

But the most important products you should check in Kappabashi is the Food Sample! Kappabashi is the only place you can see such a lot of fake food. There’re some shops that sell the Food Sample. The problem is that the Food Sample isn’t cheap and it’s not rare real-size products cost over $100. The big one sometimes costs over $1,000.

You gave up to get the Food Sample hearing this? Don’t worry! All the shops have reasonable small goods too. They’re made for the souvenir and designed as a key chain, magnet or strap for mobile phone.

When it comes to me, I’m too addicted to  the Food Sample to buy real-size one. For me, they’re valuable enough to spend a lot of money. I sometimes visit Kappabashi and making my collection little by little.

My favorite shops are “Maizuru” and “Iwasaki”.

The works of Maizuru are just awesome. The edge of cream, the gloss of liquid, the color of baked surface… Everything remains on an incredibly high level and the Food Sample they produce make me impressed. The real-sized one is expensive but you can also find a reasonable one like fake food magnets or miniature types.

“Iwasaki” makes unique and well made items at relatively cheaper prices. Most of  their products are designed as useful stationary. For example cupcake-shaped card stand, pancake-shaped boxes, magnets and key chains. I think Iwasaki  is a very good shop for tourists.

Kappabashi itself isn’t a busy street but it’s located near Asakusa that is full of old Japanese atmosphere. I highly recommend to visit Asakusa too when you go to Kapppabashi. It takes just a few minutes by walk and you don’t need to get to train. If you’re interested in Japanese culture and traditional stuff, both Kappabashi and Asakusa are a good place to visit 🙂