Are they really fake foods? Look at these Italian dishes!

Fake Food Pasta
Japanese Fake Food Pasta

It might be seem our lunch table… But they’re all fake foods made in Japan!

We got some fake foods of Italian dishes with superb quality. They really seem delicious, right?

These are the fake foods originally made to display Japanese restaurants. Every dish is perfect, except they aren’t edible!

How the fake pasta is made?

The process of making fake pasta begins with creating molds. In many cases, the molds are created from real foods.

If you want to make  the cream pasta dish in the picture, first, you need to prepare the molds of bacon, spinach and pasta noodle.

Then make each part with the molds and resin, and carefully color them like the real food.

Finally, assemble them as one dish and decorate it with sauce and parsley.

Every process requires very delicate control and touch. It’s all carried out by hands of professional Japanese craftsmen.

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