True identity of Japanese Geisha girls

photo by Sun Taro

Japanese Geisha is famous but do you know who they really are? I’ll tell you the true identity of Geisha today.

What do Geisha do?

A Geisha is a woman who specializes in Japanese dance and song. It’s a shame that they’re sometimes recognized as  prostitutes but they don’t. The Geisha isn’t those who sell their body but those who sell their performance. 

The Geisha’s job is to entertain guests at a banquet. They serve at a party and entertain the guests with their professional dance and song. You can also enjoy talking, drinking and playing games with them.

Providing enjoyable time with their splendid performance. That’s what the Geisha girls do. In a nutshell, the Geisha is a Japanese style entertainer.

Where can you see a real Geisha girl?

The Geisha isn’t an imagination nor past existence. You can still see a real Geisha girl in Japan.

The place where you can see the Geisha is called “Hanamachi”. HANA means flower and MACHI means town in Japanese. The most famous one is Kyoto. You might see young Geisha girls called Maiko with bright Kimonos when you visit Kyoto.

Through even native Japanese often think that Hanamachi is only in Kyoto, there’re many other Hanamachis all over Japan. For example, Tokyo has 6 Hanamachis.

When you want to see and play with Geisha girls, you need to book the Japanese restaurant that has the contracted Geisha in advance. Not every restaurant in Japan can call the Geisha but a few high ranked Japanese restaurants in Hanamachi provide the Geisha service.