Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara

Hello, this is Junko.

Today’s Kanji in Manga is Naruto’s character, Gaara who controls sand. I’ll introduce Kanji characters of his name and Ninja technics.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara


A Sand Ninja, Gaara. GA means I. But notice, we don’t use this word in our common coneversation or writing as it’s too classical and formal.

The word A means love. Though we usually read this Kanji character as AI, the sound “I” is abbreviated. This Kanji is the same characters as the one written on Gaara’s front head.

RA originally means net or fabric, but it has another meaning here. The Kanji RA is a character used in a word SYURA, which means endless battle or war. Therefore, the Kanji character RA itself often represents offensive feature.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara


Syukaku is a tailed beast sealed in Gaara’s body. SYU means to protect or defend. KAKU is a crane.

Syukaku’s name and his racoon dog-like visual comes from a Japanese old folk tale called “Bunbuku Chagama”.

In this story, a Japanese monk named Syukaku helps a poor raccoon dog. The raccoon dog transforms himself into a big kettle and tries to repay the favor.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara

Zettai Bougyo

Zettai bougyo is one of the Gaara’s skills to defend himself automatically aginst all the attacks toward him.

I think it’s translated “absolute diffense” in English.

ZETTAI means that something happens 100%, so it’s translated as absolute or definite. BOUGYO menas diffense.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara


Sabakukyu is one of the Gaara’s attack technics. 

SA means sand. BAKU means to bind or tie. KYU means a coffin.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Gaara


Sabakusousou is the upper class Ninja technic of Sabakukyu.

SABAKU means sand field. The Kanji character BAKU is different from the one used in Sabakukyu. This version of BAKU means a wide field, or vague and hazy.

The first SOU means to send, the second SOU means a funeral.