Kanji in Manga : NARUTO The Legendary Sannin

Today’s Kanji in Manga is Naruto’s Legendary Sannin! Sannin means three Ninjas. SAN is three, NIN is Ninja’s Nin.

Their names and characters are all based from Japanese old novels in which the hero Ziraiya battles his longtime enemy with his wife Tsunade. This novel series was so popular that their names and stories were arranged in a lot of art and media like Japanese Kabuki and Ukiyoe.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO The Legendary Sannin


The name Ziraiya has originally been a name of the Ninja who came in the novel of Japanese Edo period as a thief. He never steals from the poor but only from the rich. He uses a magic and rides on a huge frog. I guess these descriptions in old novels are borrowed in a character of Naruto’s Ziraiya.

The Kanji ZI means self. RAI means to come. YA doesn’t have any special meanings but this character is often used in Japanese people’s names.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO The Legendary Sannin


Tsunade is a Ziraiya’s wife in the old Japanese novels. She is described as a beautiful woman Ninja who controls slugs and has monstrous strength. This scene is absorbed into Naruto’s Tsunade too.

TSUNA means thick rope. DE means hands.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO The Legendary Sannin


In old novels, Orochimaru is a longtime foe of Ziraiya and Tsunade couple whose real identity is an enormous snake.

OROCHI means a big snake. MARU is a circle and this Kanji was often used in men’s name in Japanese olden times.