Kanji in Manga : Naruto Ninja techniques

Today’s Kanji in Manga is Ninja techniques used in Naruto!  There’re a bunch of techniques show up in Naruto, so I picked up the one used by the team 7  members. Enjoy!

Kanji Ninjutsu


I’ll begin with the most basic word. Ninjutsu means Ninja techniques.

NIN means Ninja. This character also has the meaning of “hide” or “endure”.

JUTSU is a technique.

Kanji Rasengan

Rasengan by Naruto

It’s very complicated Kanji characters!

RASEN means spiral. RA means something swirling and SEN means to twist, which makes RASEN spiral.

GAN means circle.

Kanji in Manga : Naruto Ninja techniques

Chidori by Kakashi and Sasuke

The lightning Ninja technique developed by Kakashi, and handed down to Sasuke.

The Kanji characters CHI means thousand, DORI means bird.

The name Chidori is given to this Ninjutsu because the electric noise sounds like thousands of birds tweeting.

Kanji in Manga : Naruto Ninja techniques

Goukakyu no Jutsu by Sasuke

I’m not sure how this Ninjutsu translated into English, but it’s a big fireball technique by Uchiha clan.

GOU means very powerful and strong, KA means fire, NO (written in Hiragana) is of, and KYU means circle.

You might find that it’s the second time the word meaning circle appears. GAN in RASENGAN, KYU in GOUKAKYU, both of them mean circle.

KYU is used for 3d circle like a ball. GAN can be used for both 2d and 3d.