Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Team 8

Today’s Kanji in Manga is NARUTO’s team 8 that’s led by a female Ninja, teacher Kurenai.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Team 8

Yuhi Kurenai

YU means night or evening. HI means the sun. That is to say, the word YUHI means sunset in Japanese.

KURENAI means red or crimson. This is a little bit classic and sophisticated way of calling red color.

Now you will understand that her name represents a red sunset.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Team 8

Inuzuka Kiba

Next, a wild Ninja boy Kiba.

INU means a dog. ZUKA means a heap or mound. This Kanji often used in Japanese family names.

KIBA (written in Katakana) has the meaning of fang.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Team 8

Aburame Shino

ABURA means oil and ME means women.

SHINO (written in Katakana) is usually used for a female name. Besides, it’s an old name and we don’t give this name to our children these days.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO Team 8

Hyuga Hinata

The word HYUGA is a name of Japanese old prefecture. Now it’s called Miyazaki prefecture.

The first character of HYUGA means sun. The second one means direction, going toward or advancing on something.

HINATA (written in Katakana) means the place that gets sunshine.

Her personality is modest but her name has a lot of positive meanings!