Kanji in Manga : NARUTO’s Team 10

Today’s Kanji in Manga is NARUTO’s Ninjas of team 10. The teacher Asuma and three diciples.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO’s Team 10

Sarutobi Asuma

SARUTOBI is a family name of the famous Ninja who really existed in Japanese history. His name is well known in these days through a lot of Japanese novels or Mangas.

The Kanji SARU means a monkey. TOBI means to fly. ASUMA (written in Katakana) has no special meaning.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO’s Team 10

Nara Shikamaru

NARA is the name of Japanese prefecture that is located near Kyoto. You can see a lot of deer there. The Nara Park is especially famous for having many of them.

SHIKA (written in Katakana) indeed means deer. MARU (written in Katakana too) means circle and commonly used for boys name in the old days. We don’t use names with MARU at the present days.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO’s Team 10

Yamanaka Ino

A woman Ninja, Ino. YAMA means a mountain. NAKA means middle. Both Kanjis are often used in Japanese family name. Most of the names in NARUTO are unnatural and don’t exist in real Japanese life. But the family name YAMANAKA is real common.

INO (written in Hiragana) has no special meanings.

Kanji in Manga : NARUTO’s Team 10

Akimichi Choji

A chubby Ninja boy, Choji. AKI means autum. MICHI means road or way.

CHOUJI (written in Katakana) doesn’t have any particular meanings. But the word CHOU means a butterfly. This might be related to his transformed appearance with butterfly’s wings when he drunk a secret medicine of Akimichi clan.