Kokeshi Dolls

What's Kokeshi Dolls?

A Kokeshi is the traditional Japanese toy doll made of wood. Their appearance is simple, but has various designs and features depending on the areas they’re made in. Kokeshi dolls are made only in the Tohoku region that’s located in the north part of Japan.

2 types of Kokeshi dolls, Traditional and Creative

There are two types of Kokeshi dolls. The one is the traditional, and the other is the creative. What’s the difference between them?

The traditional Kokeshi is made exclusively in the Tohoku region in Japan. The technique and design for making dolls have been handed down through generations among a few professionals. Not everyone can make the tradisional Kokeshi doll.

The basic style of the traditional Kokeshi is a simple round face and a straight body. The facial expression and body paint are different for each area they were made in. There are total 11 schools of them.

The other hand, the creative Kokeshi is modern art that delivers a taste of Kokeshi. They aren’t restricted by a custom design and rules. You can enjoy the free creativity of the craftsmen. Some wear Kimonos, and some have long black hair. There are not the feature traditional one can have.