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5 Cute Free Printable Hiragana Chart in pdf files

free printable cute hiragana chartsJapanese Language Learning

Are you looking for a cute free printable hiragana chart? If so, you got to the right place! Yay!

I prepared 5 CUTE and KAWAII full hiragana charts (pdf files) with romaji.

They are in typical formats Japanese little kids use to start to study hiragana letters. I’m sure they will make your time for learning the Japanese alphabet easier and more fun!

Let’s check it now and find your favorite design 😀

Adorable Chick Yellow

preview of japanese hiragana chart with chick yellow design

A yellow hiragana chart with a cute little chick. Colorful rainbow colors make you feel cheerful!

Kawaii Heart Pink

preview of hiragana chart with cute hearts and pink design

A feminine pink hiragana chart with lovely hearts. I designed it for women and little girls!

Relaxing Starry Green

preview of hiragana chart with starry green design

A hiragana chart with relaxing green stars.

Aesthetic Frozen Blue

preview of hiragana chart with frozen blue design

A chart sheet with beautiful light blue color and snowflakes. My 5-year-old girl loves Elsa in FROZEN and it’s inspired by that.

Cheerful Colorful Flowers

preview of hiragana chart with colorful flowers

The last one is the colorful flowers version. Cute flowers will cheer for you!

Personally, kawaii notebooks and stationery make me motivated to work or study. I hope these free printable hiragana charts help you enjoy practicing the Japanese language!

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5 cute kawaii hiragana printable charts, make your study fun!

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