Agatsuma Zenitsu’s name meaning in Japanese
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Agatsuma Zenitsu’s name meaning in Japanese

Agatsuma Zenitsu written in kanjiDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kanji and meanings of Zenitsu’s name

Agatsuma Zenitsu’s name reflects his breathing skill and his personalities. What’s it like? Let’s go see it together!

AGATSUMA – my wife

Agatsuma written in kanji

The first letter means I, my. The second letter means a wife. We usually read it WAGATSUMA, but sometimes do it AGATSUMA as an irregular way.

The meaning of this family name is “my wife”. One suggestion is that it derives from an ancient royal member Yamatotakeru’s word. It’s said that he missed his wife while on the road and said “Oh, my wife”.

Though most of the family names in Demon Slayer are eccentric and rare, Agatsuma is a name you can actually meet easily. Especially in Miyagi prefecture where I live, there is a lot of Agatsuma san.

And I think the sound AGATSUMA is associated with the Japanese word INAZUMA that means thunderbolt. Zenitsu is a user of the Thunder Breathing and it may have relevance.

ZEN – right

Zen written in kanji

ZEN means good, right, and virtue. The character that forms a pair with evil.

We have another kanji that means good and it simply stands for whole good things. On the other hand, this ZEN gives the impression that it means being good in a moral way and right as a person.

ITSU – divert

Itsu written in kanji

This kanji has various meanings. To run, run away, hidden, divert, superior, and enjoy at ease.

Timid and try to run away from demons, but his hidden talent is superior to others, good-natured and a woman chaser. I think this one letter perfectly expresses his character!

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