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What’s the Meaning of AIZAWA SHOTA in Japanese?

Aizawa Shota written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. AIZAWA SHOTA’s name has some tricks related to his quirk when reading it in Japanese. I’ll explain the meaning of his full name and reveal the secret to you!

What Does Shota Mean?

shota written in japanese kanji

SHO = erase, vanish, extinguish
TA = big, very, a suffix for boys’ names

The SHO symbol means “erase.” The left part with three dots stands for water, and the right one pictures small fragments of something. The whole Kanji symbol states that water is subsiding and vanishing.

The TA has the meanings of “big” or “very”, but we don’t care about the meaning so much. It’s frequently used as a suffix for Japanese boys’ names.

What Does Aizawa Mean?

aizawa written in japanese kanji

AI = look carefully, appearance, together
ZAWA = marshy place

The last name AIZAWA is very common in Japan. Among the My Hero Academia characters who have unordinary names, AIZAWA seems really normal. But there’s a secret. As for teacher AIZAWA, what is important is not the meaning, but the sound AI. This AI means “eye” in English! Also, the right square-shaped part depicts the “eye” and this Kanji itself has the meaning of “look something carefully.”

Do you remember that his first name SHOTA’s SHO means “erase”? The combination of AI (eye) and SHO (erase) represents “erase with eyes.” Aizawa Shota’s full name symbolizes his quirk, Erasure!

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what does aizawa shota mean in japanese? his name has some tricks!

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