Aizawa Shota’s name meaning in Japanese
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Aizawa Shota’s name meaning in Japanese

Aizawa Shota written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of teacher Aizawa’s name

The name Aizawa Shota seemingly sounds very normal. But of course there’s an origin hidden in it. Let’s find it together!

AI – both

Ai written in kanji

This kanji stands for “both”. It’s very common for Japanese family names. But about teacher Aizawa, what is important is not the meaning, but the sound AI.

AI = eye!

As you know, his quirk uses his eyes and this AI expresses that.

ZAWA – marshy place

Zawa written in kanji

This is also a very common letter for Japanese family names. Means a marshy and moist place.

It’s said that the family name AIZAWA is derived from a mountain stream with freshwater fish.

It’s a family name that really exists mainly in the eastern area of Japan.

SHO – erase

Sho written in kanji

This kanji means to erase something.

AI in the family name + SHO in the first name

=erase with eyes

Yes, it’s exactly Aizawa Shota’s quirk “Erasure”!

TA – big

Ta written in kanji

Means big or very, but we don’t care about the meaning so much. It’s frequently used for boy names to express the sound TA.

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