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Asui Tsuyu’s name meaning in Japanese

Asui Tsuyu written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Tsuyu chan’s name

Tsuyu chan’s name is frog-ish like her quirk. A frog says KAERU in Japanese, but you can’t find the word in her name.

Why does it feel like frog? Let’s see it together!


Asui written in kanji

This is very rare word and I honestly saw it first time in my life when I watched My Hero Academia.

The first letter usually reads KAERU and it means a frog. Reading it A is unusual. The second one SUI means to blow or to pipe wind instruments.

The word ASUI means sound of frogs croakings, but it’s now know even among Japanese.


Tsuyu written in kanji

TSUYU is a rainy season in Japan, which starts from May and lasts until the middle of July. This is an irregular reading for this kanji combination. The first letter means Japanese apricots and the second one does rain.

We have an image that we have more rainy days than sunny days in July. And it’s also the season we see a lot of frogs under rain. So this name associated with a frog indirectly.

That’s why the name Asui Tsuyu remind us of a frog when we see it in kanji letters.

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