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AUTUMN in Japanese and Kanji Symbol

autumn in japanese kanji writingJapanese Language Learning

Autumn says AKI in Japanese, and here’s how to write it in a Kanji symbol.

japanese kanji symbol for autumn

How to Read



  1. autumn
  2. years

As you know, one Kanji usually symbol has several meanings in the Japanese language. But as for this autumn Kanji, it’s almost used to mean autumn of four seasons. The second meaning “years” is used only in some classic phrases.


It gives elegant, beautiful, and modest expressions. Sometimes used for Japanese first names both for boys and girls.


The left part of the symbol stands for grains. The right one pictures fire. Ancient people made a fire to drive pests away and protect grains. It’s said the fire part shows that.

Stroke Order

Here’s the video that teaches the stroke order of the autumn Kanji symbol. The correct stroke order makes your handwriting beautiful!

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