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What Does BAJI KEISUKE Mean in Japanese?

tokyo revengers baji keisuke name meaning in japaneseTokyo Revengers

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. In this post, I’ll tell you what Baji Keisuke’s name means in Japanese Kanji symbols. Is his name as cool as his personality? Let’s see that together!

Family Name BAJI

baji written in kanji symbols

BA = place, field
JI = earth, ground, terrain

BA means “place” and JI is for “ground.” It’s a surname that gives a solid impression. Most names in Tokyo Revengers are not manga-ish, and many of them exist in Japan. Nonetheless, I’ve never met a Baji person. Such a unique and uncommon name!

The family name BAJI is seen in Aomori, Miyagi, and Chiba prefectures in Japan. However, each prefecture has only around 10 people with this name. The stage of Tokyo Revengers is the Kanto area of Japan. Since Chiba prefecture belongs to Kanto, Baji’s mom may have roots there.

First Name KEISUKE

keisuke written in kanji symbols

KEI = pointed-shaped gem, determined
SUKE = mediate, help someone

Keisuke is a very popular name for boys in Japan. The meaning changes depending on which Kanji symbol is used. This KEI originally stands for a treasure an ancient emperor gave vassals. If the gem was given by the king, it might be Mikey for Baji Keisuke.

It’s said the treasure was a gem polished and formed into a pointed shape. As a result, the KEI symbol can mean “something is ordered” or “determined mind.” Japanese parents choose this KEI with the hope that their son would be strong-minded and be able to improve his talent.

SUKE is a common letter and suffix for Japanese boys’ names. You’ll see many other names with it like YUSUKE and SHINNOSUKE.

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