Bakugo Katsuki’s name meaning in Japanese
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Bakugo Katsuki’s name meaning in Japanese

Bakugo Katsuki written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Katsuki’s name

Kanji characters in Katsuki’s name are all powerful.

Let’s see together how strong he is!


Baku written in kanji

BAKU means blast and explosion. The left part of the character stands for fire and the right one does brute force.


Go written in kanji

This kanji means valiant and outstanding. It originates from a hedgehog and began to express something strong. A hedgehog has solid needles and is known for its aggressive feature.

Seeing kanji BAKUGO gives very strong and fierce impressions. It’s a family name that doesn’t exist in reality.


Katsu written in kanji

KATSU means to win, victory. Both sound and meaning are good and frequently used for boy names. This kanji matches well Katsuki’s character who hates to lose.


Ki written in kanji

This kanji stands for myself and it matches Katsuki’s self-centered personality.

The first name KATSUKI can be interpreted “I who win”, but it can also be read “win yourself”. If he could overcome his arrogant feature, that’s may be the time when he can be a true hero.

Not like his family name Bakugo, Katsuki is a possible name in reality. I think it’s a good name for boys in points of both sound and meaning! 😀

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