Who’s the voice actor for Bakugo Katsuki in Japanese?
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Who’s the voice actor for Bakugo Katsuki in Japanese?

japanese voice actor for bakugo katsukiMy Hero Academia

A Japanese voice actor for Bakugo Katsuki is Okamoto Nobuhiko, who played Nishinoya Yu in Haikyuu!! and Shinazugawa Genya in Demon Slayer.

Here’s Kacchan voices in Japanese!

You can hear Kacchan’s voices in Japanese performed by Okamoto in this video.

【ヒロアカOJ2】声優 岡本信彦の声が聴きたい俺得動画【僕のヒーローアカデミア ワンズジャスティス2】

I think his voice and lines sounds like a villain rather than a hero😅

Though the video doesn’t have English translation, he says like “I’ll make you grilled meat!” and “You’re all mouth!” or “I’ll smash you into pieces as you wish!”

What other characters has he played?

If you like his voice, you can watch and hear his performance with English subtitles.

岡本信彦が演じたキャラ11選!Nobuhiko Okamoto 【Eng】

And this is a promotional video of his solo live tour. You can know how popular he is!

Nobuhiko Okamoto Live Tour 2019 "NOBU'S GREAT ADVENTURE" BD 2019 10 9 Release


Okamoto Nobuhiko’s Shogi (Japanese chess) skill is almost that of a professional’s. He won the professional player though the game was with handicap.

He is also well known for being a Pokemon fanatic, who figures out even hidden parameters of monsters.

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