BELIEVE in Japanese kanji symbol
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BELIEVE in Japanese kanji symbol

believe written in japanese kanji symbolPositive

All bout BELIEVE in Japanese!

shinjiru written in japanese kanji symbol and hiragana, meaning to believe

Believe says SHIN-JIRU in Japanese. SHIN is kanji, and JIRU is written in hiragana. If you want to use it for tattoos or designs, I recommend you to use only the kanji symbol part.

Of course, you can use the whole word and it’s perfectly correct as Japanese, but it’s not seem quite cool with hiragana.

If you like it, you can download free PNG data at the end of this page. I'm a native Japanese and I guarantee you that every kanji letter is 100% accurate.

Hope it helps for your tattoo ideas and designs!

How to read



believe, truth, honest, letter


It gives honest and earnest impressions. Used frequently for both boy and girl names.


The left part of the symbol stands for a person and the right part does words. This symbol expresses to believe someone’s word.

Free download

You can download the kanji data with transparent PNG format. Each letter is made in 1000px X 1000px. Available for any purposes and no link or credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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  1. Cali says:


    First of all I want to thank you for your great engagement and help.
    I want to get a tattoo of the word believe/trust, in the meaning of believe/trust in in god/in yourself.
    Me personally I don’t find the letters “Shin” (standing alone) in Kanji very cool for a tattoo. So I was wondering if the letters “Shinrai” (which looks more appealing) have the same meaning? 信頼

    Thank you in advance!

    • Junko says:

      Hi Cali! Thank you for your kind message.

      Yes, 信頼 means almost the same as the Shin letter alone. Shinrai means to believe someone or rely on someone.
      But please don’t use 信用 (Shinyou) for your tattoo. The meaning is almost the same, but it’s a word mainly for business and doesn’t sound cool.
      Another similar word is 信念 (Shinnen), which means belief or conviction. NEN is a kanji symbol that means sense, feeling, and desire.

      Hope it helps!

      • Cali says:

        I hope you’re doing well. Thank you very much for your answer regarding my question about the translation of the word “trust/believe” in Kanji.
        I have another question. On your website I saw that you wouldn’t recommend to get a tattoo of the word “family” in Kanji. In the European tattoo community it’s very popular. And I would have loved to get this word in Kanji on my skin, because of the meaning and it looks very cool in Kanji(家族). But I totally understand your point of view, that it has a different message in the Japanese culture.
        I also like the word “love” in Kanji (愛). So I came across the word “family love” (家族愛). Do you think this would be a good idea for a tattoo? Please don’t hesitate to be totally honest. I don’t want to get a tatto, which appears confusing, weird or stupid.

        Best Regards

        • Junko says:

          Hello Cali,

          I’ve sent you an email, but it seems it didn’t reach you. Here’s what I sent.

          Thank you for your message.
          There is a word KAZOKUAI in Japanese. But as the word KAZOKU is, I think not many Japanese people choose it for creative usage.

          If I were you, I may choose the letter KIZUNA (絆) which means the bond between you and your precious person or people. The Kizuna symbol gives beautiful and warm impressions both in meaning and design.

          I think AI (愛) is also good for expressing your love for family.

          Though I didn’t recommend the Kazoku letters for your tattoo in my post, both Kazoku and Kazokuai are totally correct Japanese. If you feel something special from these kanji, it would be the right choice 🙂

          Hope it helps!

          • Cali says:

            Arigato Gozaimasu for your quick reply, much appreciated!
            So I would have to choose between AI and KIZUNA…let’s see what it will be 😊