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Bokuto Kotaro’s name meaning in Japanese

bokuto kotaro written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Bokuto’s name

Fukurodani high school’s FUKURO means “owl” and all the names of Fukurodani members are derived from owl species.

What kind of species for Bokuto’s name? Let’s see it together!


The family name BOKUTO comes from kanji letters that means a horned owl. A horned owl says MIMIZUKU in Japanese and writes like this in kanji.

mimizuku written in kanji

Kanji letters of Bokuto’s name are simplified version of writing it.

bokuto written in kanji

Can you see the second letter is changed? It also reads MIMIZUKU and means a horned owl. And the word BOKUTO is another reading for these kanji.

The first letter means tree, and the second letter does a rabbit. That shows an appearance of an owl on a tree with rabbit-like horns.

picture: a horned owl

Bokuto’s character design is modeled on the horned owl. A Bokuto Fukuro (Bokuto owl) was created as a mascot character of Haikyuu!! and it’s even commercialized.

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ko written in kanji

This kanji stands for the light. Gives positive impression and generally used for both boy and girl names. I think it matches Bokuto’s bright character!


taro written in kanji

TARO is the most basic and traditional name for boys in Japan. It originally meant the eldest son and has been used for over 1200 years.

Taro itself can be used, and adding other kanji in front of it is also popular like KO + TARO = KOTARO. You’ll see any other variation of Taro names like Shintaro, Kentaro and Ryotaro.

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