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What does BONITO FLAKES mean in Jujutsu Kaisen?

the meaning of bonito flakes in jujutsu kaisenJujutsu Kaisen

Why does Inumaki Toge in Jujutsu Kaisen frequently say “Bonito flakes” as his reply? Does it have a special meaning in Japanese?


Bonito flakes are bonito flakes. There’s no hidden meaning. But for Toge, it’s a word to express his negative feelings and NO. He uses “bonito flakes” as NO, and “salmon” as YES.

Why doesn’t he speak normally?

Inumaki Toge talks with only a few words like bonito flakes and salmon. Of course, he can speak normally, but he does not (and can’t) because he’s a Jugonshi, a cursed speech user.

A cursed speech user can make his word a reality. For example, if he says “sleep”, you just sleep. In the extreme case, if he says “die”, the opponent would die. This is such a risky ability.

That’s why Toge never uses words with meanings. He speaks with the names of Japanese rice ball fillings so that he wouldn’t give any speech effect to others.


The effect of the cursed speech activates regardless of his will. Even if he said “you die!” as a joke, the result is terrifying.

The cursed speech seems very powerful, but he can’t control the activation? Hmm, it’s inconvenient.


That’s why he always hide his mouth with his outfit in order to prevent malfunction!

Except for bonito flakes, there’s some vocabulary of him and each word has its meaning. To know the detail, check the post below!

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