What’s Todo Aoi’s Boogie Woogie mean in Japanese?
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What’s Todo Aoi’s Boogie Woogie mean in Japanese?

boogie woogie written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Todo Aoi’s special move, Boogie Woogie. It’s written in kanji letter in the Japanese original version of Jujutsu Kaisen. Here it is!

It’s a kind of a play on words. There’s no kanji word “Boogie Woogie” in Japanese, but some other words that have similar sounds are combined and make it BUGIUGI = Boogie Woogie.

I’ll show you what words are used in it.

FUGI (Boogie)

We usually read it FUGI, but it can be read BUGI.

The word FUGI means unrighteousness, ungratefulness. The first letter means “not” and the second one does “right”.

YUGI (Woogie)

yugi written in kanji

This word reads YUGI and means to enjoy playing.

So if you give some meanings to the name Boogie Woogie in Japanese, it’ll be something like “bad play”.

And Japanese bad boys sometimes write words and phrases in all kanji, that originally don’t use kanji letters. Why? Maybe there’s no deep reason. It’s just because it looks stronger if they do so.

This BUGIUGI is a kind of it and it suits Todo’s wicked character.

I thought Todo Aoi a rough and rude guy at first, but the more the story goes on, the more I like him. He is not simply wild but clever enough to see through Itadori’s ability and teach him how to use the cursed energy. And his delusional images of the high school life with Itadori is pure and cute 😆

I hope we can see the episode in which Todo and Itadori work together.

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