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Name CHARLOTTE in Japanese Katakana

your name in katakana, charlotteYour Name in Katakana

I got a translation request from Charlotte!

Here’s your name in Japanese katakana.

charlotte written in japanese katakana letters

The katakana letter SHI and TSU are very confusing and please pay attention not to misuse!

This is SHI for the first letter.

And this is TSU for the fifth one. Their shapes look almost the same, but the sounds are completely different. Please don’t put them oppositely!

The pronunciation Charlotte gave me was this.


Cha r lo t

Though I interpreted the “Cha” as “Sha”, am I right? The name Charlotte is well known in Japan and I obeyed the sound.

If you meant Charlie’s CHA, sorry and please use this one.

charlotte written in japanese katakana letters

Thank you for your translation request, Charlotte!

I hope you like the katakana name 😀

Your comment encourages me!