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3 Japanese Symbols for COURAGE

kanji that means courage and braveKanji characters

COURAGE & BRAVE Kanji in Japanese!

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. There are several words for courage and braveness in Japanese. I’ll introduce three Kanji symbols and words for them and their meanings!

勇 YŪ

yu written in kanji

This is a Kanji character that means “courage.” This one symbol alone can stand for courage and braveness. The whole shape pictures strong arms that ring a bronze bell and represent rising power.


YŪKI is a Japanese word that means “courage” and “fortitude.” You’ve already learned what YŪ means and KI is “energy.” In the Dragon Ball series, Goku and his fellow fighters use the KI power and it uses the same Kanji symbol. YŪ KI means “strong mind that doesn’t afraid of anything.”


The word YŪKAN also means “have courage” and “being brave.” The KAN letter stands for “dare to do” or “do something on purpose.” The meaning is almost the same as YŪ KI, but this one insists on brave action.

What’s the difference between these two?


YŪKI is used for the mind while YŪKAN is for action. I think YŪKI gives energetic and positive impressions, and YŪKAN does strong and rigorous images.

Free Download

Here are transparent PNG files for courage and brave Kanji symbols. You can use them for any purpose including commercial use. Feel free to download them!

Symbol for Courage Alone (21.4KB)

Yuki (42.9KB)

Yukan (46.8KB)

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