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Cursed Technique Reversal Red in Japanese and meaning

cursed technique reversal red written in japanese kanji lettersJujutsu Kaisen

Kanji and meanings of Gojo Satoru’s Cursed Technique Red

Gojo Satoru’s cursed technique Reversal Red says JUTSUSHIKI JUNTEN AKA in Japanese. I’ll explain the original word and what each kanji letter means!


jutsushiki written in japanese kanji letter

Jutsushiki means a cursed technique. It’s one of the terms of Jujutsu Kaisen to represents the special abilities of Jujutsu sorcerers.

JUTSU = spell, skill, magic

SHIKI = formula, style

A cursed technique is an innate talent and you can’t acquire it on your own will and effort. Gojo Satoru has Mukagen Jujutsu (limitless) as his technique. Gojo’s technique Blue, Red, and Purple are the application of the limitless.


hanten written in kanji letters

HANTEN means to flip, invert and reverse. This word stands for going against the flow.

Reversal Red is the technique to invert the power of limitless and make it diffuse. Gojo can create a shock wave with it.


aka written in kanji letter

AKA is red. This kanji letter is not common and we usually use this one below. You can see they have the same parts!

red written in kanji

The Reversal Red’s kanji letter has double “red”. The figure depicts two large burning fires. We don’t use this kanji in our everyday life and therefore it gives more special and powerful impressions than the common version of the red symbol.

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