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Demon Slayer DAKI’s Name Meaning in Japanese

daki written in japanese kanji lettersDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

What does DAKI mean in Japanese?

daki written in japanese kanji letters

What does the kanji letters for DAKI mean?


It means “fallen princess” in Japanese. Let me explain what each kanji symbol stands for!

DA – fallen

da written in japanese kanji symbol

DA means “fall”, “collapse” or “lazy”. It’s a negative letter and we don’t use it for names.

The whole character pictures landslide and represents something is fallen.

KI – princess

ki written in japanese kanji symbol

KI means “princess”.

The left part of the character stands for “woman” and the right part does “retainer”. The whole letter symbolizes a woman who is noble enough to have retainers.

In Demon Slayer, Daki always used this kanji for her professional names as a prostitute.

She was hiding in a red-light district as a prostitute faking her identity, right?


Yes. She worked as Oiran, a high-ranked prostitute in Yoshiwara that was the biggest red-light district in Tokyo at that time.

What is OIRAN?

picture: a woman with bright kimono that imaged japanese oiran

OIRAN is a high-ranked prostitute who is a woman of a great education. An Oiran woman mastered calligraphy, playing instruments, Japanese tea ceremony, and learned classical Japanese literature.

Not every woman could become an Oiran, but only a woman with both beauty and education was given the title.

In Demon Slayer Red-light District Arc, Koinatsu Oiran is described as a sophisticated woman with excellent personality.

This manga is good to know Oiran and Japanese old red-light district called Yukaku. You can make a trial reading on Amazon. Click the picture and check it if you’re interested in Yukaku culture!

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