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All Demon Slayer Characters Birthdays & Zodiac Signs List!

demon slayer , birthdays, zodiac signs, agesDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Can you tell me birthdays and zodiac signs of all the characters of Demon Slayer?


Sure thing! Check the list below and know your favorite character’s profile. Each one includes the character’s birthday, zodiac sign, and age!

Kamado Tanjiro

  • Birthday: July 14
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Age: 15

The age for each character is the one at the time when Tanjiro became a member of the Kisatsutai (Demon Slayer Corps).

Here is the official header illustration distributed by the official account of Demon Slayer, in memory of Tanjiro’s birthday! It can be used for your header graphic on SNS.

Kamado Nezuko

  • Birthday: December 28
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Age: 14

She has a memorial illustration as well!

Agatsuma Zenitsu

  • Birthday: September 3
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Age: 16

Hashibira Inosuke

  • Birthday: April 22
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Age: 15

Tsuyuri Kanao

  • Birthday: May 19
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Age: 16

Tsuyuri Kanao’s birthday is the day when she first met Kocho Shinobu and Kanae because her real birthday is unknown.

Kanao was abused by her parents and they didn’t give even name to her. She got her name and birthday with her meeting with the Kocho sisters!

Tomioka Giyu

  • Birthday: February 8
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Age: 21

Kocho Shinobu

  • Birthday: February 24
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Age: 18

Rengoku Kyojuro

  • Birthday: May 10
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Age: 20

This is a free printable coloring delivered in memory of Kyojuro’s birthday. The kanji symbol in the illustration means “celebrate” in Japanese!

Kanroji Mitsuri

  • Birthday: June 1
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Age: 19

Iguro Obanai

  • Birthday: September 15
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Age: 21

Uzui Tengen

  • Birthday: October 31
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Age: 23

Shinazugawa Sanemi

  • Birthday: November 29
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Age: 21

Shinazugawa Genya

  • Birthday: January 7
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Age: 16

Tokitou Muichirou

  • Birthday: August 8
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Age: 14

Himejima Gyoumei

  • Birthday: August 23
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Age: 27
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demon slayer, birthdays, zodiac signs, ages

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