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The Secret Meaning of Denji’s Name in Japanese – Chainsaw Man

the origin of denji's name chainsaw manChainsaw Man

What does Denji’s name in Chainsaw Man mean? His name is based on the Japanese word TENSHI which means “angel”. Because angels fight against devils, and so are devil hunters. This was told in an interview with Fujimoto Tatsuki, the author of Chainsaw Man.

tenshi in katakana

As you know, Denji is a character who transforms into a chainsaw. Mr. Fujimoto said the feature was battery-ish. The battery says DENCHI in Japanese. So he added voiced sounds to the word TENSHI and made it DENJI. See the figure below, and you’ll understand how it was done.

The name Denji was made by mixing “angel” and “battery”. He became a demon, but his name originates from an angel who fights demons!

The Manga That Gave an Effect on Chainsaw Man and Denji

Among Japanese fans, it has been guessed that the origin of Denji’s name was from a manga titled ABARA by Nihei Tsutomu. The name of the main character of ABARA is Kudo Denji, and Mr. Fujimoto told that he was inspired by the manga when he started to draw Chainsaw Man.

Kudo Denji’s name includes kanji letters that mean “engine or drive something” and “electricity”, and it reminds us of electric appliances like a chainsaw. You can see many common points in ABARA and Chainsaw Man.

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