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How to say Domain Expansion in Japanese translation?

ryoiki tenkai (domein expansion in english) written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

How to say Domain Expansion in Japanese

What’s the Japanese original word for Deomain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen?


It’s RYOIKI TENKAI. Here are the kanji letters for it!

ryoikitenkai written in japanese kanji letters

Domain Expansion’s original Japanese word is RYOUIKI TENKAI. It consists of two words RYOIKI and TENKAI.

RYOIKI = domain, area

TENKAI = expansion, deployment

The English translation is exactly the same meaning as the original one.

How about other characters’ techniques, like Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna?


OK, let me explain all the original words and kanji letters of the Domain Expansion!

Gojo Satoru – Unlimited Void

muryokusho written in kanji letters

Gojo Satoru’s Unlimited Void says MURYOKUSHO in Japanese.

MU = void, nothing

RYO = amount

KU = empty, sky

SHO = place

The word MURYOKUSHO comes from a Buddhism word. It means a status that you are freed from any physical things and realize the infinity.

Please read the post below to know more about Unlimited Void!

Ryomen Sukuna – Malevolent Shrine

Ryomen Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine says FUKUMAMIZUSHI in Japanese.

FUKU = hide, lurk

MA = devil, demon

MI = prefix to denote the polite way

ZUSHI = a Buddhism chest with double doors

ZUSHI is kind of a Buddhism tool and originally divine stuff, but there’re demons lurking in Sukunans Zushi.

Jogo – Coffin of the Iron Mountain

gaikantecchisen written in japanese kanji letters

The special-grade cursed spirit Jogo’s Domain Expansion, Coffin of the Iron Mountain says GAIKAN TECCHISEN in Japanese.

GAI = lid

KAN = coffin

TECCHI = surround something with iron

SEN = mountain

GAIKAN is to close the lid of a coffin, which means death. TECCHIZAN is a Buddhism word and it’s an iron mountain that surrounds the world.

Mahito – Self-Embodiment of Perfection

ziheiendonka written in japanese kanji letters

ZI = self

HEI = close

EN = circle

DON = bow, keep staying one place, immediately

KA = wrap, environ

I think the English word is well free translated. This is a difficult word to understand even for Japanese!

ENDON is a Buddhism word meaning “to achieve enlightenment immediately”. Mahito is so young for a cursed spirit, but he flashed the Domain Expansion in the battle. I think this kanji stands for himself.

ZI HEI is self closed, and KA is to wrap something. To create the closed space wrapped with one’s cursed energy is the very feature of the Domain Expansion technique!

Fushiguro Megumi- Chimera Shadow Garden

kangoanentei written in japanese kanji letters

Phew, this is another hard word to read! Fushiguro Megumi’s Chimera Shadow Garden says KANGOANENTEI in Japanese.

KAN = fit, put something into a proper place

GO = meet, fit, match, suit

AN = dark

EN = shadow

TEI = garden

KANGO is the word meaning that a lid and a box are fitting together. ANEI is a classical way of saying “dark shadow”. So if I manage to translate it, it would be something like “a box garden of dark shadows”.

Fushiguro himself says this technique is incomplete. His domain might change like a proper box or garden.

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