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Domain Expansion in Japanese kanji

ryoiki tenkai (domein expansion in english) written in kanji Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

How to write Domain Expansion in Japanese

Domein Expansion’s original Japanese word is Ryoiki Tenkai.

RYOIKI = domain

TENKAI = expansion

Wow, the explanation is ended… But I think it’s too short and add some more information about each words!


Ryoiki written in kanji

RYOIKI is a range in which someone’s effect or something’s power reaches.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Ryoiki Tenkai is the highest ranked cursed technique that creates an original world of a jujutsu sorcerer and trap an opponent in it. It’s a skill to control and dominate the domain.


Tenkai written in kanji

TENKAI means to spread something over a wide area. It can be translated expansion or deployment.

Ryoiki Tenkai costs enormous cursed energy and those who can use this technique are very limited.

Ryoiki Tenkai techniques used in the story so far

  • Fukuma Mizushi by Ryomen Sukuna
  • Gaitentecchisen by Jogo
  • Muryo Kusho by Gojo Satoru
  • Zihei Endonka by Mahito
  • Kangou Aneitei by Fushiguro Megumi
  • Tauun Heisen by Dagon

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