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How to Write EGG in Japanese Hiragana & Kanji

egg written in japanese kanji symbolJapanese Language Learning

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. Egg says TAMAGO in Japanese word. Here’s the spell for Hiragana writing.

tamago in hiragana letters

Kanji for an egg is here!

egg in japanese kanji symbol

Reading: TAMAGO or RAN

This Kanji can be read in two ways: TAMAGO or RAN. If you want to mean “egg”, then use TAMAGO. We don’t use the RAN word alone for eggs. It’s usually used as a part of words.

How to Say Egg Yolk & White

The egg yolk says KIMI or RANOU

kimi, meaning egg yolk in japanese
ranou, meaning egg yolk in japanese

Egg white says SHIROMI or RANPAKU

shiromi, meaning egg white in japanese
ranpaku, meaning egg white in japanese

KIMI and SHIROMI, RANOU and RANPAKU, both combinations are common. If I’m forced to say the difference, KIMI and SHIROMI are more general and easy to understand while RANOU and RANPAKU have a bit of formal sounds and are frequently used in cooking recipes.

Names of Egg Dishes in Japanese

Raw Egg

NAMA = raw,live
TAMAGO = egg

Raw egg is NAMA TAMAGO.

Boiled Egg

yude tamago, meaning boiled egg in japanese

YUDE = boil
TAMAGO = egg

Boied egg is YUDE TAMAGO.

Hard Boiled Egg

katayude tamago, meaning hard boiled egg in japanese

If you want to say hard-boiled egg, it’s KATAYUDE TAMAGO. KATA is a part of the adjective KATAI, which means “hard” and “solid.”

Fried Egg

medamayaki, meaning fried egg in japanese

Since the shape of a fried egg looks like an eye, it’s called MEDAMA YAKI in Japanese.

Quail Egg

uzura tamago, meaning quail egg in japanese

UZURA = quail
TAMAGO = egg

Quail eggs are called UZURA TAMAGO or UZURA NO TAMAGO (egg of quail).

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