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ETERNITY & FOREVER in Japanese Kanji Symbol

kanji that means eternityDevine/Holy

All about ETERNITY & FOREVER in Japanese!

eien written in kanji

Eternity and forever say 永遠 EIEN in Japanese. If you want to express “eternity” with a single Kanji symbol, use the EI letter alone. This one symbol can stand for eternity and forever. Please note the single EN letter means “far.”

How to read


This kanji has two ways of reading. EIEN is more general, and TOWA sounds somehow poetic and classical. The meaning is completely the same, only the sounds are different.


eternity, forever

The word EIEN is a noun. When you use it as an adverb and want to mean “forever”, it says 永遠に EIEN NI.


Gives majestic and somehow holy impressions.


The first letter EI stands for long distance and long time. This one kanji can mean eternity. The second letter means being far away. Two kanji symbols were combined and emphasized each meaning, which makes “something in the far distance.”

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