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10 Most Popular Female Japanese Names in 2023

10 most popular japanese names for femaleJapanese Life & Travel

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The popular names for girls in 2022 were presented by Benesse Corporation, one of the leading companies in child education in Japan. I’ll introduce the top ten female names and their meanings!

Female Names Ranking Top 10 in Japan 2002

1. Himari

himari written in kanji

The name Himari has been the most popular female name for seven years. The first Kanji letter stands for “sun” and the second one means Malvaceae flowers. The whole characters remind us of sunlight and sunflowers which give very positive and cheerful impressions.

2. Rin

rin written in kanji

RIN is a word that means “dignified” in Japanese. The sound RIN is adorable while the meaning is cool. It’s a perfect name for a woman who’s lovely but strong-willed.

3. Yuina

yuina written in kanji

The YUI symbol stands for “tie” and “connect.” It’s a very popular Kanji letter for female names and YUI alone can be available as a first name. NA means “glass.” It calls to mind images of spring and is a popular choice for girl’s names. Both sounds and Kanji letters create a soft impression, making this name feminine and charming!

4. Mei

mei written in kanji

ME represents “sprout” and I is “rely on.” This name has a wish for a girl to grow healthy like sprouts, and walk a happy life helping each other with friends.

5. Uta

uta written in kanji

The word UTA means “song” or “poem” in Japanese. It’s a simple but beautiful name. This name was in the 17th in the previous ranking, but dramatically increased the rank!

6. Hina

The combination of popular Kanji symbols HI (sun) and NA (glass). The word HINA can mean “baby bird” and “Hina dolls (Japanese traditional dolls for girls)” and gives warm and gentle images.

7. Aoi

aoi written in kanji

This name has a similar impression as the second-ranked name RIN. The AOI symbol stands for “hollyhock.” It’s the flower used for a Japanese traditional family crest and gives a sophisticated impression.

8. Riko

riko written in kanji

The names with KO have been typical for Japanese girls. The RI is a cute symbol that represents “jasmine.” It’s not the Kanji letter used in daily life, but popular for female names.

9. Tsumugi

tsumugi written in kanji

TSUMUGI comes from “TSUMUGU” which means “weave” or “spin yarn.” We give a girl this name and symbol in the hopes that she can weave her life beautifully.

10. Ema

E means “bloom” and MA is “jasmine.” It’s a lovely name like a flower!

There’s a tendency that traditional and Japanese-sounding names are getting popular for girls in recent years. I hope you can find your favorite name in this ranking!

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