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What Is Final Fantasy 10 Eternal Calm in X-2 HD Remaster?

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Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. Final Fantasy 10 Eternal Calm is a short film that describes the world of Spira after Yuna defeated Yu Yevon. It’s included in two titles from Square Enix. The first release was a bonus DVD for the Final Fantasy X International edition. Later, it was included in Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster too. The content is the same, but the X & X-2 version is remastered for the high-quality graphic. I mean, the international version isn’t a remastered version and was created with the original PS2 graphic.

What’s the Story of FFX Eternal Calm?

Eternal Calm describes the world of Spira in two years after Yuna defeated Sin. It’s a short story movie that is approx. 14 minutes. The story bridges FFX to FFX-2 by telling how a beautiful summoner Yuna became an active sphere hunter with Rikku and Pine. FFX-2 begins just after one month after the Eternal Calm movie.

After two years when Yuna brought the Eternal Calm, Spira has lived a peaceful life. Yuna also has spent a moderate life in Besaid. But at the same time, some new political issues have arouse. The people of Spira have been divided into two new groups with different political beliefs: New Yevon, and The Youth League. 

New Yevon is a political association organized based on the old Yevon temples. Those who can’t follow the rapid change and the new age belong to New Yevon. For some people such as the elderly, it’s hard to accept to abandon the teachings of Yevon and the old life completely. On the other hand, The Youth League is an organization founded by the former Crusaders. But its identity is nothing but a bunch of trigger-happy rogues. Both groups are looking for ancient spheres to uncover the secret of Spira. As a result, New Yevon and The Youth League are in conflict.

One day, Rikku came to Yuna with an ancient sphere. The sphere projected a man who looked like Tidus, which made Yuna start her new journey to unveil the mystery of the sphere and catch Tidus’ remnants. After that, Yuna joins Gullwings that is a sphere hunter group by Al Bhed and FFX-2 begins.

What’s the Difference between the Original PS2 and HD Remaster Editions?

The remastered edition is currently available for PS3, PS4, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Switch Steam, and XBOX ONE. Here are the features of the remastered versions all these platforms have in common. The HD Remaster is based on the international edition and have all the features added when the international one was released.

  • Remastered high-quality graphic applies to Full HD resolution. Not only character models but background and menu screens are improved into more clear and more beautiful graphics.
  • Newly reworked music. Approx. 60 songs from the original soundtrack are arranged or remastered by the Square Enix music members. You can change new audio and classic audio while playing the game.
  • Includes newly created audio drama
  • Includes the short movie, the Eternal Calm (remastered)
  • Includes the extra game, Last Mission (remastered)
  • Has two types of Sphere Grids: Standard Grid, and Expert Grid
  • Has a secret boss monster that didn’t exist in the original
  • Has secret events of fighting Heretic Summon Beasts
  • Some new save points are added

What Is the Last Mission?

Last Mission isn’t a movie work but an extra sequel game that was recorded in Final Fantasy X-2 International. Now it’s included in the Remaster version with an improved graphic. The Last Mission is a dungeon crawl-style RPG and you’ll try an 80-story mystery tower to complete the missions. The story describes Yuna, Rikku, and Pine in three months after the ending of FF X-2. Party members are Yuna, Rikku, and Pine only.

The Last Mission isn’t a mini-game. Hours of gameplay will reach 15 to 20 hours. The story isn’t so serious and consists of the girls’ talk. No other major characters show up.

Is There Sequel Video Games after X-2 or X-3?

Currently, no. Final Fantasy X-2 The Last Mission is the final episode of FF10. Though it’s not a video game, the official novel Final Fantasy X 2.5 by Kazushige Nojima was released in Japan in 2013. I’m not sure if it has an English version.

The novel describes Yuna and Tidus after FF X-2. Two years have passed since they fought against Sin. I warn you this novel is NOT for everyone. The subtitle is “Eternal Sacrifice” and shows bad vibes. It’s not an easy happy ending story but portrays very realistic aspects of the characters. Some Japanese fans can’t accept that and felt as if their heartfelt moments experienced in FF10 were demolished. 

The book ended with the word “to be continued” and implies the sequel. However, there’s no new information about it yet. Personally, I think FF10 should have stopped at the first title. I’ve played X-2 too. The game was fun to play, but I think something started to go wrong and harm the beautiful memory of FF10 since X-2. So I’m trying to consider that X-2 and X-2.5 occur in other world lines.

What’s the Original Japanese Title?

It’s spelled ファイナルファンタジー10 永遠のナギ節 (fainaru fantajī ten eien no nagi setsu). The number 10 originally says JU in Japanese. But as for the Final Fantasy series, we call the numberings in English style. I think that’s because the word Final Fantasy itself is English. 

Eternal Calm As a Term in Final Fantasy X

The word “Eternal Calm” originally means the Calm brought by Yuna in which Sin has gone forever. In Spira’s tradition, the successive Calm titles the name of the high summoner such as the Calm of Braska to show respect for the summoner. 

Based on the rule, the Calm after FFX’s ending should be called the Calm of Yuna. But because she defeated Yu Yevon who was the core of Sin, the world of Spira has been completely freed from the endless cycle of destruction. To honor the fact and Yuna’s great work, her Calm is called the Eternal Calm in Spira. It’s the fifth Calm since Yunalesca, and Yuna is the only high summoner who’s alive since she beat Shin without the Final Summoning.

For your information, at the battle against Yu Yevon, every character gets automatically into the Auto-life condition and never be knocked out. According to the development staff of the game, the Yu Yevon battle is a part of the ending, and Jecht and Aeons are regarded as the final boss of the game.

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