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4 Free Printable Hiragana Charts with Aesthetic Rainy Design

free printable hiragana charts aesthetic rainy design, make your japanese study fun!Japanese Language Learning

Hi, this is Junko!

It rains, rains, and rains… We are having rainy season called TSUYU.

To clear the gloomy mood of rainy days, I made free printable hiragana charts with aesthetic rainy designs!

All the charts are made in A4 PDF files. The format is just the same as the one Japanese kids use for learning Japanese alphabets. I think it’s perfect for Japanese language learning beginners!

Use these charts and make your study time easy and fun!

Beautiful Hydrangea

preview of japanese hiragana chart with beautiful hydrangea

When it comes to the rainy season, it’s hydrangea! We can see aesthetic hydrangea flowers here and there.

Do you have hydrangea in your country too? I’m not sure but hope the beautiful flowers make you feel happy!

Japanese Umbrella

preview of japanese hiragana chart with aesthetic japanese umbrella design

This chart features Japanese traditional patterns and umbrellas. These umbrellas are made of bamboo and paper and called WAGASA.

WA = Japan

GASA = umbrella

Cute Hydrangea

preview of japanese hiragana chart with colorful and cute hydrangea

One more chart with cute hydrangea flowers. Colorful flowers will make your study time fun!

Cute Little Girl

preview of japanese hiragana chart with cute little girl and teruterubozu

A chart that describes a cute little girl with a red umbrella and flowers.

Lovely round-head creatures beside the chart title are called TERUTERU BOUZU in Japanese.

TERU = illuminate, shine

BOUZU = a little boy

We make the Teruteru Bouzu with cloth and hang them on a window, wishing for sunny days!

I hope these freebies will be helpful for your Japanese study even a bit.

If you have a request for Japanese learning materials, please let me know. I’ll meet your needs as much as possible!

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