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4 Free Printable Hiragana Chart PDF with Aesthetic Japanese Four Seasons Design!

free printable japanese 4 seasons hiragana charts, with romaji, in pdfJapanese Language Learning

Hi, there!

Learning hiragana letters is the first step to master the Japanese language. I completely agree with it.

But the simple white and black hiragana chart never encourages you to study, right?

So I made the free printablehiragana charts with beautiful Japanese 4 seasons design that make your learning time more fun!

They are in a typical format Japanese kids first use for learning the Japanese alphabet and include 46 hiragana letters with romaji. Perfect for beginners!

All the files are made in PDF format and printable in A4 size. Check the designs and download your favorite season!

Spring – Sakura

preview of japanese hiragana chart with cute spring design

A hiragana chart with a beautiful Japanese spring scenery, cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom is called SAKURA in Japanese and it signals the coming of spring!

Summer – Star Festival

preview of japanese hiragana chart with japanese summer event, star festival design

This chart pictures the Japanese summer event TANABATA that is introduced as “Star Festival” in English.

During the Tanabata season, we decorate bamboo trees and write our wish on a strip of paper called TANZAKU. It’s said that your wish will come true if you put up the tanzaku paper on the bamboo!

Autumn – Momiji

preview of japanese hiragana chart with aesthetic autumn leaves

An autumn design chart with aesthetic autumn leaves of Japanese maple trees.

A Japanese maple tree is called MOMIJI and it symbolizes the Japanese autumn scenery. Many people go out to view the beautiful colors of the Momiji leaves in autumn!

Winter – Snow Rabbit

preview of japanese hiragana chart with cute winter design

The last one is the winter chart with cute snow rabbits!

A snow rabbit is a kind of a snowman. We make a round body with snow and add leaf ears and red nandina fruit eyes.

Kawaii rabbits will support you!

That’s all four seasons charts! I hope they will help you enjoy your Japanese language learning.

And if you have any requests for printable Japanese materials, please let me know. I’ll meet your needs as much as possible!

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