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5 Free Printable Simple & Cute Dots Hiragana Charts!

free printable 5 cute dots designs hiragana charts, full 46 letters with romajiJapanese Language Learning

Hi, there! It’s Junko!

I’m here to deliver simple cute dots design hiragana charts. Of course, they are all free printables!

The files are in a typical hiragana chart format Japanese kids first use for learning the Japanese alphabet and include the full 46 hiragana letters with romaji. Perfect for Japanese learning beginners!

All the files are made in PDF format and printable in A4 size. Use these cute charts and make your study time fun!

Colorful Dots

preview of hiragana chart with cute colorful dots design

A hiragana chart with colorful dots that make you feel happy! Yay!

Light Blue Dots

preview of japanese hiragana chart with light blue dots design

A chart with refreshing light blue dots pattern. Blue colors will make increase your concentration and memory!

Purple Pink Dots

preview of japanese hiragana chart with cute purple pink design

A girly chart with kawaii purple and pink dots!

Orange Yellow Chart

preview of japanese hiragana chart with bright orange and yellow dots pattern

Are you getting tired of learning? This orange and yellow chart will encourage you!

Green Dots

preview of japanese hiragana chart with green dots pattern

The last one is a hiragana chart with emelard green dots. Green colors will make you feel relaxed!

I hope these charts can help you enjoy your Japanese language learning even a bit!

And if you have any requests for printable Japanese materials, please let me know. I’ll meet your needs as much as possible!

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free printable 5 cute dots patterns hiragana charts, make your japanese study fun! download now!

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