Fushiguro Megumi’s true power explained. The secret of the Ten Shadows Technique
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Fushiguro Megumi’s true power explained. The secret of the Ten Shadows Technique

what is the true power of fushiguro megumi?Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

What is Fushiguro Megumi’s cursed technique? Does he hide the true power?

OK, let me explain the Ten Shadows Technique and why Ryomen Sukuna is attached to him!

Fushiguro Megumi is the use of the Ten Shadow Technique, that has been inherited in the Zenin Family.

His family name is now Fushiguro, but he has the Zenin bloodline because his daddy Fushiguro Toji is originally from the Zenin family.

What kind of technique is it?

To put it simply, the Ten Shadow Technique is summoning magic. Fushiguro Megumi can summon familiars called SHIKIGAMI by making shadows of them with his hands.

The technique user can use only two of GYOKUKEN (divine dogs) at first. He can increase the number of the familiar by fighting and defeating them. This ritual is called CHOBUKU NO GI (the ritual for defeating demons).

The familiar can never be summoned once it’s destroyed. But its power would be inherited to other familiar.

Actually, one of the divine dogs SHIRO (means white) was killed by Ryomen Sukuna, but its power was inherited to KURO (means black) and he was reborned as Fushiguro’s new familiar KON (means water springs or to mix).

The user can summon the familiar up to two at one time. Moreover, it’s possible he can unite with these two using the application cursed technique.

The shadow familiars list

They are the shadow familiars Fushiguro can summon.

1. GYOKUKEN – divine dogs

The first familiar the Ten Shadow Technique user is given first. Two set of dogs that can fight and chase enemy with its nose.

2. GAMA – toad

A frog that is as big as a human. It can catch or tie the opponent with his long tongue.

3. OROCHI – giant snake

A giant snake. It seemed strong but completely destroyed by Ryomen Sukuna.

4. NUE – Japanese demon bird

An owl-like big demon bird that can fly. It can carry people on its back and attack the enemy with lightning cursed power.

5. SEITEISHIRAZU – no bottom

Winged frogs Fushiguro uniquely created by combining Gama and Nue. They can be summoned even if destroyed, but each one is weak.

6. BANSHO – elephant

An elephant that can produce a massive amount of water. It must be summoned alone because of the large consumption of cursed energy.

7. DATTO – run away rabbit

A flock of rabbits. Each rabbit is weak, but they can assist to disturb enemies.


Ah, what a long name! The strongest familiar and no one in the Zenin family could defeat it. Let me explain what his name means.

YATSUKA NO TSURUGI is one of the ten god treasures in Japanese mythology that can drive evil demons away.

I is different, and KAI means adomonish.

SHINSHO is a divine general in Buddhism who was originally a demon but changes his mind and became the protector of Buddhism.

MAKORA is also one of the 12 divine generals in Buddhism who has a snake head.

Phew! Only the name tells how STRONG he is.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Makora has a sword that is specialized in attacking cursed spirits. His power is outrageous and he can blow common cursed spirits away without a trace.

Additionally, his ability is to adopt every phenomenon. That means he can change his feature to the weak point of the opponent. I think Makora is an existence that has every powerful feature of boss enemy characters in video games!

What is the TRUE power of Fushiguro Megumi?

As you know, Ryomen Sukuna is attached to Fushiguro. Though it’s just my guess, I think Sukuna is trying to come back to life using Fushiguro’s true power. Let me explain the reason.

I guess the origin of the Ten Shadows Technique is TOKUSA NO KANDAKARA (ten types of divine treasures) in Japanese mythology. Yatsuka no Tsurugi Makora has is also one of the Tokusa no Kandakara.

There’s a treasure named MAKARU KAESHI NO TAMA. It’s a divine orb that has the power to revive the dead. If Fushiguro mastered the Ten Shadows Technique, there’s a possibility that he would be able to use the power of the orb. I suspect Sukuna is aiming for the power to resurrect his own body.

Fushiguro Megumi is currently the only Jujutsu sorcerer who can use the Ten Shadow Technique. I think that’s why Sukuna saved his life when he was about to be killed by Makora.

Sukuna says “I have something I want you to do” to Fushiguro in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Sukuna doesn’t LIKE him but he NEEDS him.

Yes. I think his true intention will be revealed in the near future!

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