Gaara’s name meaning in Japanese
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Gaara’s name meaning in Japanese

gaara written in kanjiNARUTO/BORUTO

Kanji and Meanings of Gaara’s name

Gaara’s name is deeply related to his birth and his way of living.

What does it mean in Japanese? What can we know about him from his name?

Let’s see it together!


Ga written in kanji

This kanji stands for “I”, a classical way of calling oneself.


Means love. We usually read it AI, but the sound I is abbreviated.

A kanji character on Gaara’s forehead is this one.


Ra written in kanji

This kanji originally stands for a thin cloth, but it’s used as a part of the word SHURA in NARUTO’s story.

The word Shura comes from a Buddhism god Ashura who governs the world of battles. Those who dwell in this world keep fighting and there’s no end to the conlict. This is “the way of Shura”. To live to fight and kill others.

Little Gaara was told by Yashamaru that his mother didn’t love him. She named him Gaara to mean “a kid who walks the way of Shura, fight only for himself and loves only himself”. After hearing this story, he despaired and carved the character “AI (love)” on his forehead by himself to cut off the bond with others.

But in NARUTO part2 (Shippuden in anime), the hidden truth was revealed. His mother Karura loved him. The name Gaara does NOT mean “Shura who loves himself” but “Shura whom I (Karura) love”. And his ability “absolute defense” was given by her strong wish to guard him, not come from the one-tailed beast power.

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