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What’s the Meaning of GAARA’s Name in Japanese Kanji?

gaara written in kanjiNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. What does Gaara in Naruto mean in Japanese? Let me explain what each Kanji symbol of GA A RA stands for!

What Does Each Symbol of GAARA Mean?

gaara written in kanji symbols

GA = I, myself
A = love
RA = god of war

The last symbol RA originally represents “thin cloth”, but it’s used as a part of the word SHURA in the NARUTO’s story. I mean, Gaara’s RA is Shura’s RA. 

The word Shura comes from a Buddhism god ASHURA who governs the world of war. Ashura originally lived in heaven but was thrown out and built his own world.

Here’s the picture of the Ashura statue in the Kohfukuji National Treasure Museum in Japan.

Statue of Ashura

Those who dwell in his world keep fighting each other and there’s no end to the conflicts. This is called “the way of Shura” and means “to live only to fight and kill others.” It reminds us of the childhood age of Gaara, doesn’t it?

When Gaara was little, Yashamaru tried to kill him and told him that Gaara’s mother Karura named him GAARA to represent “a kid who walks the way of Shura, fights only for himself, and loves only himself.” Little Gaara got despaired to know the fact and carved the LOVE symbol on his forehead.

However, it’s revealed in NARUTO part 2 that what Yashamal told Gaara was completely opposite. Karura truly loved him. The name Gaara does not mean “Shura who loves himself” but “Shura whom I love.” Also, his ability of “absolute defense” was given by her strong will to guard him, not come from the one-tailed beast’s power.

The meaning of Gaara’s name changes depending on who is the GA (I, myself) symbol shows. Gaara had believed that his name meant a “lonely demon”, but its true meaning was “my beloved son.”

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