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Gojo Satoru’s Backstory and Childhood

birth and backstory of gojo satoruJujutsu Kaisen

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. I’ll tell you about Gojo Satoru’s childhood and past today!

When Was Gojo Satoru Born?

The birthday of Gojo Satoru is Novermber 7th in 1989. He’s 28 years old in the Jujutsu Kaisen story. He was born as a member of the Gojo family, one of the biggest three Jujutsu sorcerer families. It’s not described at all about the members of the Gojo family other than Satoru. So it’s unknown what kind of people his parents are, and if he has siblings.

His Childhood

As you know, he possessed Rikugan (six eyes) from his birth. Its power was exceptional and he was already put up more than a hundred million yen bounty when he was a kid. Many evil Curse users tried to kill him, but little Gojo saw through all of them and gave them fear.

High School Days with Geto Suguru

When Gojo was a high school student, he hung out with Geto Suguru, and they were known as “the strongest two” in the Jujutsu society. Gojo still calls him “my only best friend”. Gojo still calls him “my only best friend.”

When they were in their second year at high school, a mission was given to them to guard Amanai Riko and take her to Tengen. Gojo and Geto protected her and succeeded to arrive at the destination, but suddenly attacked by Fushiguro Toji (Megumi’s father) and got into a desperate situation.

Who Is Tengen?

Tengen is an important person and role for the Jujutsu society. It has an immortal Jujutsu technique and can cast strong barriers. Dangerous Jubutsu (cursed object) like Ryomen Sukuna fingers have been hidden with the Tengen barrier so that evil cursed spirits couldn’t reach them.

Tengen needs to assimilate a vessel body called “Seishotai” every 500 years to maintain his body. Amanai Riko was raised as the Seishotai and she was fated to offer her body to Tengen.

The Battle against Fushiguro Toji

Fushiguro Toji was an assassin hired by the religious organization Banseikyo (the Star Religious Group). They regarded Riko as impurity and tried to get rid of her.

Fushiguro Toji has incredible physical power due to Tenyojubaku (heavenly restrictions). Even Gojo got critically injured. Toji defeated Geto too and completed his mission by killing Riko.

Obtained Hanten Jutsushiki (reverse cursed technique)

Gojo was thought to be dead, but he obtained Hanten Jutsushiki (reverse cursed technique) between life and death. Cured his body with the Hanten Jutsushiki, Gojo went to Toji and beat him. Toji lost his life and left word that he had a son, he has a talent for Jujutsu and would be sold to the Zenin family shortly.

The son is Fushiguro Megumi. This is how Gojo knew Megumi and later he made the deal canceled between Toji and the Zenin family.

After theIncident

One year after the Tengen and Riko incident, both Gojo and Geto became special-grade Jujutsu sorcerers.

Parting from Geto

Geto was an honorable person who was proud of helping people as a sorcerer. But the incident changed his mind.

Why do sorcerers have to fight against curses that were produced by non-sorcerer people? Why only sorcerers have to die?

He lost himself as a sorcerer and chose the way of being a curse user, who does harm to people. Gojo directly talked to him but couldn’t stop him and watched him walk off.

Became a Teacher

Gojo also had disaffection against the current Jujutsu society. He became a teacher of Tokyo Jujutsu high school to solve the problem in a different way from Geto. He tried to raise young Jujutsu sorcerers and change the Jujutsu world fundamentally. As a part of that, he went to see Megumi and invited him to the Tokyo high.

Hyakki Yako (night parade of a hundred demon)

One year before the Jujutsu Kaisen main story starts, wide-ranging Jujutsu terrorism was triggered by Geto Suguru and his fellows. Geto hated the non-sorcerer people and tried to kill them by releasing a thousand cursed spirits. After the harsh battle, Geto lost to Okkotsu Yuta. Gojo gave him the final blow and Geto Suguru died, leaving the last word “I couldn’t laugh from the bottom of my heart in this world.”

It’s soon after the Hyakki Yako incident when the Jujutsu Kaisen main story begins.

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  1. Jonathan McMichael says:

    I am greatly appreciative of this story of the legend Gojo. I hope he is able to return to our world soon.

  2. Koko says:

    Thank you again for the post. I really hope Gojo comes back soon, especially because I heard Jjk is ending next year.
    Too soon 😿.

    • Junko says:

      I think it’s been over a year since Gojo was sealed? Mr. Akutami himself told that the story would end in one or two years, and the end may be close. I want to see Gojo more before it comes!