Gojo Satoru’s powers explained. What is his ability?
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Gojo Satoru’s powers explained. What is his ability?

gojo satoru's power explained, why is he so strong?Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Why is Gojo Satoru so strong?

The answer is that he has both Mukagen Jujutsu (limitless) and Rikugan (six eyes).

Limitless is the cursed technique that has been inherited in the Gojo family. It can make the concept of “infinite series” a reality. Specifically, an enemy can never touch Gojo because the distance between an enemy and Gojo never reaches zero.

There are other members who can use the Limitless in the Gojo family, but it’s only Gojo Satoru who has the Six eyes, and that makes him the strongest.

What are the Six eyes?

In short, the Six eyes are the eyes that can see through cursed energy. Thanks to these special eyes, Gojo can visualize the flow of cursed energy like thermography.

There are two big benefits by the power of the Six eyes.

One is that it allows him a very precise control of his cursed energy. It’s essential to bring out the maximum power of the Limitless.

The other is that he can figure out accurate information about one’s cursed techniques. That means he can know what kind of cursed technique the opponent has at one glance.


Here are the list and brief explanations about Gojo’s abilities. You can learn the detail by clicking each post link!

Limitless – Mukagen Jujutsu

The cursed technique that brings the infinity into reality.

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue – Jutsushiki Hanten Aka

The application of the Limitless. It creates the power of converging that is invisible, like a black hole.

Cursed Technique Reversal Red – Jutsushiki Hanten Aka

The Reversal Red makes the infinity invert and creates the divergent power, like a shock wave. It blows the opponent away.

Hollow Purple – Kyoshiki Murasaki

The secret technique of the Gojo family. The Hollow Purple is the combination technique of Blue and Red. It creates virtual mass and makes a big impact enough to gouge a vast range of fields.

Domain Expansion Unlimited Void

Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion technique. It creates a private space like the universe and forcibly pours a massive amount of information into the opponent’s brain. The one who got the attack can’t endure the burden and eventually die.

Gojo Satoru is too strong to handle. The cursed spirits group gave up beating him and tried to seal him because they could never win in battle. This is called “the Shibuya Incident Arc”. You can know about it in another post of mine!

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jujutsu kaisen, why is he so strong? gojo satoru's power explained, tell me the secret!

Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight
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