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Gojo Satoru’s character analysis. Everything about him!

character data & profile Gojo Satoru Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight


A basic data of Gojo Satoru’s profile.

Birthday & Age

December 7th 1989, age 28

Zodiac sign & Zodiac animal

Saggitarius / Snake

What’s Japanese zodiac animal?

zodiac animal is called Eto and we have twelve guardian animal in it like zodiac sign. They are used as symbols for each year.


Over 190cm

Japanese voice actor

Nakamura Yuichi at INTENTION


Jutsushiki – cursed technique

Gojo Satoru was born with both Mukagen Jujutsu (limitless) and Rikugan (six eyes). The Jujutsu sorcerer who has these two talents together is one in hundreds years and that makes him the strongest.

According to the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, there are someone who can use Mukagen Jujutsu in Gojo family. But Rikugan is necessary to master Mukagen Jujutsu and Gojo Satoru is an only person who can do it.

Mukagen Jujutsu – limitless

A cursed technique derived from Gojo family. It makes infinite series the reality, which is called Mugen (infinity).

When the technique is triggered, the distance between Gojo Satoru and something never be zero and no one can reach him as if there were a transparent wall.

Applying this technique makes it possible to transport over long distances or hasten his attack speed, but it can be done only when some conditions are met. So he usually moves by train or car.

To keep activating Mukagen Jujutsu will make a Jujutsu sorcerer’s brain burnt out because of its massive stress. But Gojo Satoru makes it possible by using Hanten Jutsushiki (cursed technique reversal) at the same time and keep recovering himself.

Jutsushiki Junten Ao – cursed technique lapse blue

Enhance Mukagen Jujutsu and ingenerate convergent power. It has the power to make a broad area into a cleared land in an instant. Moreover, it can accelerate Gojo’s attack speed to the level of lightning.

Jutsushiki Hanten Aka – cursed technique

On the contrary to Ao, to make Mugen spread and ingenerate forceful shockwaves that can’t be avoided.

Kyoshiki Murasaki – hollow purple

An esoteric technique made by combining Ao and Aka. It can make an incredibly powerful gravity shot. An enemy can’t even see nor touch the attack.

Ryoikitenkai – domain expansion

Ryoikitenkai is a technique to produce an original world within a barrier. It’s a kind of Kekkai (barrier) technique and specializes in trapping the enemy.

Muryokusho – unlimited void

Gojo Satoru’s Ryoikitenkai is Muryokusyo. Gives infinite perception and transmission forcibly to the one who is trapped in it. Those who trapped in the domain can’t endure massive information and become crippled.

Rikugan – six eyes

Rikugan is special eyes that allows Gojo Satoru to recognize the cursed technique information of others.

If you want to know more about the origin of Rikugan, read the entry below!

What is Gojo Satoru’s six eyes Rikugan?


One of the special grade sorcerers who exist only four in Japan. From the Gojo family that is one of the biggest families in sorcerer society and a descendent of Sugawara Michizane.

Sugawara Michizane is a person who existed in Japanese history. If you want to know more about it, read the entry below! You can learn his historical background.

Gojo Satoru in Japanese kanji and meaning

He hates the upper members of the current sorcerers and is planning to alter its structure by developing outstanding young sorcerers as a teacher.

Gojo Satoru is the storongest Jujutsu sorcerer and no one doubt the fact including himself. His birth and existence even effected the balance of the world.

Why does he wear an eye mask or sunglasses?

Jujutsu sorcerers frequently mask their eyes to avoid attacks from cursed spirits. Because some spirits try to mount attacks when they feel they are seen by someone.

Gojo Satoru uses black fabric, sunglasses and bandage to mask his eyes. It depends on his feelings which items to use according to the author of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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