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When and why will Gojo Satoru get sealed?

when and why gojo satoru gets sealed?Jujutsu Kaisen

About the Shibuya incident arc

In the Jujutsu Kaisen manga story, Gojo Satoru is sealed into the cursed item and loses his body’s control. What happened to him in the manga? I’ll explain about “the Shibuya incident arc”!

When will Gojo get sealed?

It happens in chapter 90 of the manga. The stage is Shibuya station.

What happened at the Shibuya station?

A massive amount of cursed spirits were released and attacked people.

Mahito made the people fell down to the 5th basement floor of the station. That was to prevent Gojo from using his domain expansion. Because his technique reaches a vast area and involves normal people, not only cursed spirits. Mahito thought he couldn’t use the domain expansion where there’s someone around.

But Gojo cast Muryo Kusyo (unlimited void). He restricted the term to use the technique for an extremely short period and tried not to kill normal people. All those who were there, including humans and cursed spirits, fainted as a result of this. And Gojo knocked off 1000 cursed spirits alone while they couldn’t move.

Who sealed Gojo?

In the confusion of battle, Geto Suguru put a small box near Gojo. That was a special grade cursed item “Gokumonkyo”, that can seal everything in this world.

But there was a condition to use Gokumonkyo to make the opponent stay within 4 meters radius for one minute. To restrain Gojo for one minute is almost impossible, but Geto made it possible to use himself.

Geto showed up in front of Gojo. Gojo got shocked because Geto Suguru was already dead and it’s he himself who killed Geto.

note This episode is explained in the article below!

The next moment, the condition was met and the seal of Gokumonkyo trapped Gojo. He couldn’t move his body nor sense his cursed energy.

His six eyes saw through that Geto is he himself, but his heart denied. He asked Geto who you were.

The true identity of Geto Suguru

Gojo’s intuition was right. Geto was a fake and his true identity was a Jujutsu sorcerer who could transform his brain to others and take over its body. He possessed Geto’s body to obtain his cursed technique that could control cursed spirits.

Why Gojo Satoru had to be sealed?

For the cursed spirits group, Gojo Satoru was the biggest obstacle to take over humans. His power is too extraordinary to beat and they chose to make him neutralize. That was the only way to handle the strongest Gojo.

Did Gojo die?

NO. The cursed spirits can’t kill him and that’s why they trapped him. He’s not dead at least now and lives in Gokumonkyo.

What’s going on now?

Fake Geto left with Gokumonkyo and Tokyo was invaded by tens of millions of cursed spirits. The existence of cursed spirits went public.

Under the situation, the upper management made some decisions.

  • Geto Suguru is sentenced to death
  • Gojo Satoru is imposed a lifetime ban from the Jujutsu society and forbid breaking his seal
  • Yaga Masamichi (the principal of Tokyo Jujutsu high school) is sentenced to death
  • The suspended sentence for Itadori Yuji would be canceled and carry out his capital punishment quickly
  • Appoint Okkotsu Yuta as an executer

What will happen to Gojo and Itadori? Is Okkotsu Yuta really going to kill Itadori? We can’t take our eyes off the following story!

In which Volume Is Gojo Sealed?

The Shibuya Incident Arc starts from Jujutsu Kaisen comic vol. 8. The scene in which Gojo Satoru is sealed is contained in vol. 11.

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