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What is Gojo Satoru’s ideal type of girl?

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What is Gojo Satoru’s type of girl?

In Jujutsu Kaisen volume 0, there’s a scene that he changed his mobile phone wallpaper to the Japanese female celebrity, Inoue Waka.

Here’s the video of Inoue Waka. You can see what kind of woman she is!


As you can see, she’s a sexy girl. She got popular as a bikini model with her excellent bust and thick lip. Some people called her “Japanese Monroe”.

Gojo Satoru was a 2nd-year at Tokyo Jujutsu high school in the volume 0 episode. I think it’s very natural to like sexy girls like Inoue Waka as a teenager. At least, Gojo Satoru has a very normal sense of the type of woman.

Does Gojo like Miwa Kasumi?

When it comes to Gojo’s type, you’ll remember the Juju Sanpo of the anime chapter 15.

Gojo's Woman Type | Jujutsu Kaisen Stroll 15 "What Kind Person is Your Type?"【呪術廻戦15話じゅじゅさんぽ 】

The topic is everyone’s type and Gojo talked about the girl who seemed to be Miwa Kasumi. But it’s not unclear that he replied to the question of his type or not. It can be interpreted that they’re just chatting about their students.

Many Japanese fans of Gojo got despaired and confused with this Juju Sanpo episode 😅

At last, his ideal type is not officially announced. What I can say is his love interest is in women and his type is not eccentric.

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