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Who Is Waka Inoue? Is She a Gojo’s Ideal Type of Girl?

gojo satoru's ideal type?Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu Kaisen volume 0, there’s a scene in which he changed his mobile phone wallpaper to the Japanese female celebrity, Inoue Waka. Gojo says “It’s the model Waka Inoue.”

Who’s Waka Inoue? What kind of girl is she?


She’s a Japanese celebrity. In original Japanese order, her name is Inoue Waka. Inoue is a family name, and Waka is the first name. Here’s the video of her!

Japanese bikini model, Inoue Waka

As you can see, she’s a sexy girl. She got famous as a bikini model with her excellent bust and thick lip in Japan. Some guys called her “Japanese Monroe” after Marilyn Monroe.

Gojo Satoru was a 2nd-year at Tokyo Jujutsu high school at the age of the volume 0 episode. I think it’s very natural that a high school boy admires Inoue Waka and make her picture his wallpaper. It seems Gojo has normal senses at least about the type of girl.

Does Gojo Satoru Have a Girlfriend?

He doesn’t have a steady girlfriend for now. Here’s a resource!

What does the tweet say?


The image in the tweet is from an official fan book of Jujutsu Kaisen. The reader asks the question of the author Akutami Gege.

The question asks “It seems Gojo knows he’s a cool guy. Doesn’t he want a lover?”

The answer is…

“I can’t imagine Gojo is being sincere against a particular woman.”

Mr. Akutami is always harsh against Gojo and treats him as a bastard. I think he doesn’t have any intention to describe Gojo Satoru’s love affair!

How about Miwa Kasumi?

When it comes to Gojo’s type, you may remember the Juju Sanpo of the anime chapter 15.

The topic is everyone’s type and Gojo talked about the girl who seemed to be Miwa Kasumi. But it’s not unclear whether he replied to the question of his kind. It can be interpreted that they’re just chatting about their students. Many Japanese fans of Gojo got despaired and confused with this Juju Sanpo episode 😅 At last, his ideal type is not been officially announced yet. What I can say for sure is that his love interest is in women and his kind is not eccentric!

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How Did You Like It?

  1. Nabil Rexha says:

    I think, Gojo Satoru will make a great couple with Mei Mei. They always seems close together in JJK. If not with Mei Mei, Utahime is another best girls for Gojo Satoru despite she sometimes too harsh on him.

    • Junko says:

      Teacher Gojo and Meimei! Wow, they’ll make the strongest couple and I bet they’ll rake in much money.

      I agree that Utahime is harsh on Gojo. The official profile introduced in the Jujutsu Kaisen fan book says her stressor is Gojo Satoru🤣