Who’s the voice actor for Gojo Satoru in Japanese?
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Who’s the voice actor for Gojo Satoru in Japanese?

japanese voice actor for gojo satoruJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

The Japanese voice actor of Gojo Satoru is Nakamura Yuichi, who plays Kuroo Tetsuro in Haikyuu!!, Blono Buccellati in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Yomo Renji in Tokyo Ghoul.

He was chosen 8th place at “the most active voice actor in 2020” answered by internet users. He frequently plays characters who are cool and mysterious.

What’s Nakamura Yuichi’s voice like?

Here’s the video of Gojo Satoru’s battle scenes played by Nakamura Yuichi!

【呪術廻戦】五条悟 かっこいい戦闘シーン【無量空処】

If you liked his voice, check the video below too! It’s his voice sample video and all the voices are played by him alone!

中村悠一 NAKAMURA Yuichi ボイスサンプル

The voice of Nakamura Yuichi changes sometimes cool, sometimes funny and sometimes dark. I think he is the perfect casting for Gojo Satoru!

I LOVE the scene that he battles against the cursed spirit Jogo. He says “Don’t be shy.” and tried to hold Jogo’s hand. They way of saying this “Don’t be shy.” is simply sweet…

What kind of person is he?

Nakamura Yuichi is well known for being a heavy online gaming addict. He prefers not only online games like final fantasy 11 and 14, but also games in amusement arcades and sometimes spends the whole day there.

When he was asked in an interview “how can you make time for playing games in your busy schedule?”, he answered “It’s all right if I break off all relationships.”

If you’re an online gamer, you may be able to meet him somewhere in games!

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