How’s the review of Haikyuu!! Illustration book? Make a trial reading!
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How’s the review of Haikyuu!! Illustration book? Make a trial reading!

haikyuu!! illustration book is now on saleHaikyuu!!

Haikyuu!!’s first illustration book “Owari to Hajimari (The End and The Beginning)” is now on sale! You can see a part of it on the video. Make a trial reading right now!

The book includes over 300 illustrations and newly drawn manga!

[Unboxing] Haikyu!! Complete Illustration Book: Owari to Hajimari (The End and the Beginning)

A part of customer reviews

The book quality is excellent and it gives you that serotonin boost while you look through the pages. The artworks are very nice to look at and if you want to have at least just one (1) official Haikyuu merch in your life, this complete illustration book is the BEST option to choose.


This art book is amazing, full of beautiful art, just perfect. If you are a Haikyuu!! fan I 100% recommend this book!


the book is so beautiful and is definitely worth the price. so sad the series ended but im so happy to have this book to look back on – PLUS ALL THE ART IS JUST AMAZING. anyone on the fence about should buy one fast before they go out of print


Where can I get the book?

You can buy the illustration book on CDJapan. Now they’re accepting pre-order and it’ll be shipped after 6th February.

Do they ship the book to my countnry?

Yes. CDJapan ships internationally, over 200 countries. You can choose your favorite shipping methods from the ones listed below. And you can know the shipping charge from Japan to your country on the spot on the product page.

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • EMS
  • Air Mail
  • Registered Air Mail
  • Registered SAL
  • SAL Small Packet
  • SAL Parcel Post

Is it a proper price?

CDJapan is run by a Japanese company in Japan. They sell the items at the same price as Japan. No premium charge is added. Enjoy your shopping!

You can’t miss this special book
if you are a Haikyuu!! fan!

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